Mexico City Neighborhood Guide: La Roma

La Roma Neighborhood

Have you ever asked yourself what spots I should visit while I’m in La Roma neighborhood? After all, La Roma is home for some of the tastiest restaurants, coolest bars and has some sights to see right out of a fairytale. There are so many options and things to do that it can surely get overwhelming, so at Nima we decided to ask some of our friends that know this neighborhood very well about their favorite spots. Here’s what they told us:

Mauricio de la Garza, Architect and designer

Mal de Mar – @maldemar

  1. La Plaza Río de Janeiro. Spending an evening with a great book to read and people watching surrounded by amazing architecture is priceless.
  2. La Teatreria: Its shows are always good. The theater itself creates an intimate vibe between the actors and the audience.
  3. Mercado de Antigüedades Pushkin: Is that even the official name? However, it’s one of my favorite activities to do during the week. You can find treasures that you will not find anywhere else.

Another place that I love even though it is not exactly located in La Roma (but very close to it) is El Panteón Francés de la Piedad. Its architecture and sculptures are unbelievable; A place to find silence and peace in a very busy city. It’s a very nostalgic place for me, too.

Lorena Saravia

@lorenasaravia – Designer




“What I enjoy the most about living in la Roma Neighborhood is that it actually feels like a “barrio” where you can walk everywhere, and you often see familiar faces.”

Some of my favorite places are:

  1. Restaurants: Kura and Rosetta
  2.  Coffe shops: Buna and Panadería Rosetta
  3.  Casa Tassel which is a Tea place I adore.
  4. And last but not least: MN Roy.

Ana Elena Mallet. 

@madamemalle–  Independent curator specializing in design and coordination of El Corredor Cultural Roma Condesa.


I’m all about design, food and art. Some of my favorite places are:

  1. El Museo del Objeto. There are always authentic exhibitions and a beautiful store with some great Mexican designs. It’s located in one of the few Art Nouveau buildings in the city.
  2. Trouvé. A great furniture store with good quality vintage pieces.
  3. Fonda Fina. A great option for Mexican food!


Carlos Huber

Founder of @arquiste



I am NYC based but I always go back to my hometown, Mexico City. Here’s a list of my favorite places in La Roma:

  1. Paramo – The food (the delicious cazuelas!!!), the cool crowd, the place itself. Every time I go I like it more and more. Paramo has become one of my top three obligated visits when I come to Mexico City (the other two are Contramar and El Farolito). It’s a great place to meet up with friends and drink and nibble the evening away.

  1. Maison de Famille – Even though I’m a big fan of neihborhing Rosetta and Blanco Colima (especially because of the beautiful old mansions where they are housed)…I love the classic French menu at Maison de Famille. I like how proper it is: White table cloth tables, immaculate service, old-school menu. The kind of place your parents would take you to learn table side manners. The fact that it’s in boho La Roma just makes it even better.

  1. Trouvé -You can always depend on this retro furniture and home accessories store to find something cool or interesting. Mid-century Mexican design, vintage decor, etc. It’s an obligated visit especially now that design maverick Chic by Accident is no longer in the neighborhood.

Nima x

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